Body Talk

A Complete Mind and Body Therapy.

BodyTalk is a system of whole health care, addressing issues at the root cause as energetic blockages in the body. Although for many years our energy systems have been largely ignored or dismissed as a potential contributor or reason for ill health, mainstream focus on the negative impact of Wi-Fi on our own individual electro-magnetic field has brought this to general awareness and for good reason. There are many energy systems that influence our health but none more worthy of discussion than our emotional energy.


It has been shown through the study of Epigenetics (the study of biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off) that the body has the ability to retain memories of past events and traumas. Consequently, our DNA not only reflects our inherited characteristics but is a reflection of the food we eat, our environment, our lifestyle choices and the life experiences we are exposed to.
When in balance, our bodies can process trauma naturally. However with the stresses of everyday life, balance is difficult to achieve or maintain.  When trauma gets stuck in the body cycle, it causes blockages that interfere with our physical systems, triggering the disease process.


Body and Mind Therapy
Helen Holland – Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Dip Health and Science, PGCE, BA. 
How does BodyTalk work? 

The BodyTalk session can be understood as a 3 step process. The client reclines and is fully clothed throughout the session.


  • The first step involves muscle testing to identify the blockages or systems in need of re-balancing.

  • The second step uses light touch and tapping over energy centres, the brain, heart, abdomen as well as using the acupuncture points (the meridians in Traditional Chinese medicine) and the Chakras (Indian Medicine).

  • The third step involves processing and adaption. As blockages are released, the energy that created the blockage is also released. The body then adapts to the changes and a more balanced system is created. This can be triggered as soon as the first item is highlighted and continues throughout the session. It can be felt as a change in temperature, pressure, tingling and often tummy rumbling. This is a very calming and deeply relaxing experience and the response is very individual. Clients report feelings of lightness, positivity and bliss. Others have experienced bright colours and vivid images as the body returns to a more harmonious frequency. 

  • For the past 5 years I have supported people whose systems have been compromised by their emotions and environment. I am particularly interested in supporting people with Fibromyalgia, infertility, cancer and addictions.

 If you are interested in regaining balance and improved well-being, contact me:

Text: 07801 993 472